10 Best pantries that will make you want to de-clutter

10 Best pantries that will make you want to de-clutter

10 pantries that will make you want to de-clutter

Whether you have butler’s pantries, sculleries, or storage cupboards, these homes give us major pantry inspiration. Check them out in this content

Top Best tips for re-organizing your pantry

Amanda Stickland and Hannah Sullivan from Simplify My Home shared their top tips for giving your pantry a makeover:

  • Remove: Take everything out.
  • Discard: Remove foods that has gone off or is well past its use-by date.
  • Regroup: Separate foods into groups of like items, eg baking supplies, spices, spreads, snacks, etc.
  • Label: Labelling your containers not only looks good, but it also makes it easier to see what you have at a glance.
  • Rehome: Put your food items back into the pantry, keeping in mind that the foods you use the most need to be the most accessible. Eg If you don’t bake regularly, put your flour, sugar and baking powder on the top shelf. Spreads, cereals and everyday items should be easy to access.

Top Best tips for keeping your kitchen pantry very tidy

Professional organizer Natalie Jane of Be Organized tells us the secret of consistently organized pantries:

  • Remove expired items and items you know you won’t use.
  • Contain items that can’t be decanted using crates or plastic containers to avoid spillages and create order. (Creating these ‘pull-outs’ will mean you can see items and avoid rummaging at the back of the shelf).
  • Label jars and containers so everyone knows where items go.
  • List items that are getting low on a whiteboard.
  • Put your shopping away as soon as it comes in the door.
  • Review and declutter seasonally.

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