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4 Panty Mistakes Women Make[photos]

Panties are very important to women because, at every point in time, a woman needs to put on panties. There are different reasons why women put on panties which makes it a very useful piece of clothing.

Despite its importance, there are a lot of mistakes women make when putting on panties and in this article, we would be taking a look at 4 of such mistakes and how to avoid them. Check them out below;

1. Putting on a coloured panty under a white or transparent dress

Putting on a coloured panty under a white or transparent dress

Wearing panties is good and essential but you need to be very careful when selecting the kind of panties to wear your dress with because not all pants go well with certain dresses. For instance, wearing blue coloured pants under s white or sheer dress will make the panties visible. It is better if you wear panties of the same colour as the dress or a nude coloured outfit.

2. Wearing extremely tight panties

Wearing extremely tight panties

There are a lot of reasons why people wear dresses that are too tight for them which includes

– they don’t know their right size

– they think they look better when wearing tight dresses.

Ever the case may be, many health implications come with wearing panties that are too tight such as irritation, itching, injuries and many more.

3. Sharing your panties with others

Sharing your panties with others

Generally, underwear is not supposed to be shared with any other person because most times our panties have direct contact with our private parts and can harbour bacteria that can be transferred to our bodies and private part.

4. Not washing your panties regularly

Not washing your panties regularly 

This habit is bad for anyone because it’s unhygienic and can lead to body odour and irritation. it is recommended that you wash your panties every day to keep them clean and fresh. Also, try to get different sets of panties to be able to interchange them and wear them.

5. Wearing the wrong pantie type for the wrong dress

There are different types of pants which include thongs, G-string, hipsters, boy shorts and so on. You need to wear the appropriate type of panties for the right type of dress.

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