5 things you should know before you buy a car

Things to know before buying a car

Five things you should know before you buy a car

1. Budget

2. Stakeholders

3. Maintenance costs

4. Road/routes

5. Resale price

Of course it is everyones dream to one day own that exotic looking car. So they can take it out on the road, depending on their intentions.

It is also important to know that buying a car will lead you into another phase of life, intentions and expenses.

Below I’m going to disclose to you the 5 important things you need to be aware of, before you walk up to that dealership.

Without further ado, let’s unvail it.

1. Budget


Buying a car is a big purchase. Therefore finances should be at the peak of your to-do list.

You need to be clear on how much you can afford to spend on a car, even before looking into the choice of your car.

Your budget should also go handy with you taste. Of course you don’t want to live with a car you don’t like. Everyone has different tastes. So go for a car that meets you auto needs, but within your budget.

You have to be real with yourself here. This is because buying a car that is too expensive for you will cause problems in the long term. This happens if you happen to face income drop, or lose your job or something.

Things of such nature happens, so make sure you are on the safe side.

2. Stakeholders

Before you buy that car you have to consider the stakeholders.

Stakeholders could be your family or friends.

For instance, someone who wants to buy his first and lifetime car, but has a family of six. Such a person should buy an SUV or any spacious family car.

It is absolutely wrong for such person to buy any sport car in such a situation.

3. Maintenance Cost.

It would be wrong to buy a car who’s Maintenance cost is out of your budget.

So take the time to find out if the car you want to buy is what you can keep and it won’t hurt your finances in the long run.

Car owners are most times faced with harsh reality, of Maintenance cost adding up to the overall cost of the car.

Things like taxes, insurance, and routine maintenance have to be in consideration before buying a car.

4. Road/Route

4. Road/Route

You know the places you will be visiting regularly and the type of road you will have to take frequently.

So it wouldn’t be ideal to buy a low sport car, if the road condition in your area is not good enough.

If you’re living in a very nice city then, buying a car that is low is not a problem.

Save yourself that maintenance Cost and go for an suv if you will be using rough roads regularly.

5. Resale Price.

Resale Price.

You have to be aware of the aftermarket value of the new car you want to buy. Be sure it will still be worth something reasonable by the time you want to sell out.

The resale price of cars is different for evey country. Try to know cars that have good resale value in your country before you make that purchase.




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