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6 Vagina Facts Every Woman Should Know

The vagina is a muscular canal in a woman’s body covered with nerves and mucus membrane. It is linked to the uterus and cervix, thereby permitting childbirth, intercourse, and menstruation.

A lot of the things we heard about the vagina while growing up which include; they shouldn’t smell or they get stretched out isn’t only inaccurate but can make us feel all sorts of unnecessary shame and stress.

1. Vaginas get deeper when we’re turned on.

Fact about the vagina

It’s called “vaginal tenting” and it’s normal. The vagina averages around three to four inches in length, say Högemann and Druet, though it can be more or less. “But during arousal, it gets more relaxed and wider.

2. No two vaginas smell the same.

Vaginas smell differently

Research has shown that different vaginas have a distinct smell. Every woman smells slightly different and this is largely due to her diet, the fabric she wears, her gland secretions, level of hygiene, and her blend of internal bacteria. If this smell becomes abnormal or fishy, seek medical help.

3. Using bath products on your vagina can be harmful.

Do not use bathing soap to wash the vagina

Bath products, particularly those with chemical dyes or fragrances, can irritate the vagina and wash away the beneficial lubricants and flora (bacteria and yeast) that are normal and natural. When these beneficial compounds get washed away, anaerobic bacteria and yeast proliferate and can cause symptoms like discharge, odor, and itching.

4. Just like your face, your vagina also wrinkles with age.

The vagina wrinkles with age poop

Yes, the appearance of your private parts may change with age, the labia may become less plump as estrogen levels wane, fatty pads in the labia shrink, and less collagen can lead to more sagging.

5. Vaginas are supposed to have a smell.


So many feel bad when their vagina has a particular smell but this is wrong. The vagina encompasses a highly specialized lot of bacteria that operate always to keep your vaginal pH healthy and balanced. And like other bacteria, there do have a smell. Hence avoid using perfumes and other soaps on your vagina to make it smell nice.

6.Itching doesn’t always mean you have a yeast infection.

There are a lot of things that can cause an itch that isn’t yeast infections. That could include chafing from your clothing, irritation from shaving, or a product like a laundry detergent or soap that the sensitive skin on your vulva is reacting to.

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