Actress Destiny Etiko Real Husband Revealed: See Details

Actress Destiny Etiko Real Husband Revealed: See Details

Who Is Destiny Etikos Real Husband: Destiny Etiko is a popular Nigerian Actress. Since her wedding photos were leaked, many people are wondering if Nollywood superstar Destiny Etiko is married? But then, Who Is Destiny Etikos Real Husband? All these rumors have been answered here which tells us if she is married or not. Read this article till the end to know Who is Destiny Etikos Real Husband.

Destiny Etiko

Destiny Etiko is a well-known Nigerian actress who has acted in over 250 films in the Nigerian film industry. Destiny Etiko, who was born in the small community of Udi in Enugu State, has become a household figure in Nigerian cinema, beloved by millions of fans and supporters. Destiny Etiko is a 31-year-old actress who was born on August 12, 1989. She rose to prominence after appearing in the award-winning Nigerian film “Idemili.” Idemili is a 2014 Nollywood film about indigenous Igbo mystics and beliefs.

Who Is Destiny Etikos Real Husband?

Destiny Etiko is currently single; the actress has never been married. Destiny Etiko is said to be engaged, but her husband’s real name isn’t known yet because she isn’t married. Ray Emodi, a fellow Nollywood actor, is rumored to be in a serious relationship with Destiny Etiko. However, these are merely rumors, and neither actor has confirmed that they are dating.



Is Destiny Etiko Married?

Destiny Etiko is not married, thus there will be no genuine wedding for her for the time being. Destiny Etiko married actor Zubby Michael on the set of a movie, but the union isn’t real. Destiny Etiko is currently single and does not wear an engagement ring. Many people mistook Destiny Etiko for a married woman. But this is really a misunderstanding stemming from a role she did in the Nollywood film “My Private Part,” in which she cut her hair prior to her husband’s death and the accusation that she killed him. Destiny Etiko mentioned that she wants to marry a man who understands her passion for performing when it comes to marriage. She went on to say that she is not willing to give up her acting profession for any reason, including marriage.


Image Source: The Famous Naija


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