BBN Soma-I developed anxiety after my first time in the house

The recently evicted housemate opened up about it during his post-eviction interview on Beat99.9 FM. He noted that his anxiety began after his eviction during his first time at the Big Brother Naija house back in 2018. He admitted that his excessive cockiness during that time played a huge role in his eviction and his eventual anxiety.

Soma said, “Leaving the show the first time did a lot of damage to me because the first time I went into the house I was pretty confident, too confident even. I went into the house like ‘Nah I’m winning this’, and then I got evicted the very first eviction. So it does something to you, it just makes you feel like you’re nothing. I developed PTSD on the show because I did not want what happened to me before to happen to me again because that would have been bad for me, especially for my mental health.”

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Going into details, he added that following the initial eviction, he assumed that he was over that anxiety. Unfortunately, he was wrong, and that anxiety came flooding right back when he returned to the house as a member of the All-Stars cast on July 23, 2023. On top of that, he revealed that he did not even know that he had anxiety until it was pointed out to him after a meltdown he had in the house.

“I thought I had gone past it and I had sorted everything out, until I came back into the house and the first Monday it just hit me like ‘what if I leave again?, so it was PTSD. I didn’t even know that it was there until I came back to the house, and honestly, I didn’t know that I had anxiety. It was Venita who told me that I had anxiety. The first time that I had a serious until she came to calm me down,” he added.

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