BBNaija’s Angel Clears rumours tagging her relationship with Soma as PR

Smith guest starred on Hero Daniels‘ podcast following her eviction from the Big Brother Naija All Stars house. There, she discussed some insecurities that she developed after her first time in the house.

One particular issue that she took note of is the online narrative that paints her as ‘unlovable’, about her new relationship with Soma. She noted that contrary to certain opinions, she became more open during the All Stars edition as opposed to her first time in the house.

She said, “I’m seeing on mainstream Twitter just today that people are saying me liking him is PR and things like ‘He would cry blood’, ‘This girl would show him pepper’ it puts me in a really bad light. I really don’t like it because I feel like if anything, this season has shown that I can be soft. If this was in 2021 when I was still a hard guy and I was always keeping my guard up I’d say this is a fair narrative but even at that it’s still unfair. I feel bad about it because this narrative makes me feel like I’m unlovable or incapable of loving people and I think that it’s quite the contrary.

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Her relationship with Soma has been met with skepticism, especially because both parties admitted to having romantic partners before entering the house. As a result of this, social media users tagged their romance as a ploy to win the show, which Smith has not discredited.

Soma also recently refuted the trending narrative, noting that their relationship is the real deal and they are taking it slow.

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