#Catchvibe Moatshe’s cousin tells uncles to go back home after his fiancée’s family request R120K for Lobola

Catchvibe Moatshe’s cousin has told his uncles to go back home after his fiancée’s family charged him R120K for Lobola. 
Taking to his Twitter page, Catchvibe Moatshe, revealed that his cousin turned down his Lobola request from his girlfriend’s family. According to information, his girlfriend’s family wanted R120K as Lobola. 
Catchvibe Moatshe is a 2016 Award Winning Radio Personality : 2021 Award Winning Radio Show, 2021 Limsota Award Nominee. 
Catchvibe Moatshe wrote:
“They Charged My Cousin R120k For Lobola, He Told His Uncles To Come Back Home.
Im sad that women cant stand up for their own men. 
Thy let this happen infront of them. 
After sharing the tweet, South Africans rushed to social media to react. 
Reactions from Mzansi below:
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Well he did well ukuthi ababuye omalume. Affordability is a factor, he mustn’t be talked into financial commitments he will not be able to afford.
What does that do to the relationship and the love… Ohh well, shit happens.
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I have an ask(pls just scroll past if you gonna be rude)… as makoti/ngwetsi, am I allowed to ‘oppose’ the suggested figure by my uncles? Do I have a say?
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I’m going for 20k, not a cent more. If deemed not enough I’m doing a shot left on my own.
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“LANYELA” is important sometimes in lobola negotiations. 
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If you don’t have R120k thola. Wena o buiswa ke bo broke. The are men who are more than determined to pay that and even more. This is about affordability. They can’t ask R120k from you with R15k salary, so chill.
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People can buy cars worth 500K but can’t.. ay futhi cut.
Sipho Carry
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Clearly someone was not doing good negotiations…i led a lobola negotiation in 2019 for my Mshana(now happily married)…they wanted 100k we settled at 28k.
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Daylight robbery. Lobola should not be anything more than 50k. I don’t care what anyone says.

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