Cee-C won immunity in the final Black Envelope game on ‘BBNaija All Stars’

She automatically becomes the third finalist on the show.

For this final game, Big Brother had the All Stars housemates search the arena alone for 12 minutes. They were to thoroughly search for five black envelopes which were hidden in the pile of things on the ground.

Cross who already had immunity and Ilebaye who won this week’s HOH games didn’t participate in the search as a personal choice. This left AdekunlePereSomaVenitaAngel, Cee-C and Mercy as the contenders for the envelopes.

Cee-C found the last of the five envelopes which was the one with an immunity. Her win makes her an automatic finalist and the third one so far on BBNaija All Stars.

Sadly, Adekunle got a surprise snack, Angel got kuli Kuli, Pere got a bottle of groundnut and Soma got a bar of chocolate.

For the final nominations, housemates were asked to nominate two people for possible eviction this coming Sunday.

Mercy survived the nominations and automatically became the fourth finalist on BBNaija All Stars. However, Adekunle, Soma, Pere, Venita and Angel are all up for possible eviction this week, with the possibility of only one joining the finalist.

Here are the All Stars eviction nominations for this week:

Cee-C – Adekunle and Soma

Adekunle – Soma and Angel

Pere – Adekunle and Venita

Angel – Venita and Adekunle

Cross – Angel and Soma

Venita – Soma and Pere

Soma – Pere and Mercy

Mercy – Angel and Venita

Ilebaye – Soma and Angel

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