Femi Adebayo-Of course, there is going to be a sequel for ‘Jagun Jagun’

He responds to the possibility of continuity and the why behind the Yoruba epic in the first place.

To answer the question during an exclusive interview with TVC, Adebayo addressed the mysterious last scene, where Ibrahim Chatta calls the name Ogundiji two times. He referred to the Yoruba tradition that requires a response no matter what, at the third call of your name, saying, “The coming of Ibrahim Chatta will automatically give birth to of course a sequel. He called the name of Ogundiji twice, in Yoruba land if they call you the third time you should answer”.

Adebayo also called for a reawakening amongst the youths in Nigeria as he divulged the reason behind the Jagun Jagun story. In his words, “What inspired Jagun Jagun is the participation of youths in the society… For this people in power can not perpetrate any so-called evil without using the youth… as the instrument of destructionTo the youths, stop allowing yourself to be used as instruments of destruction. That inspired the message I wanted to pass“.

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He went on to reveal the other reason for making Jagun Jagun as he stated his desire to portray the Yoruba culture to the world at large.

“I thought of passing it in a very unique way and at the same time wanting to sell the beauty of the Yoruba culture to the world”, Adebayo explained.

The filmmaker also revealed the coming of a documentary about the rigorous production of the Yoruba epic, revealing details of Lateef Adedimeji‘s compelling performance, the use of body double and the making of the soundtrack.

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