How to Decorate a Mantel

How to Decorate a Mantel

Best ways to Decorate a Mantel

How to Decorate a Mantel

One of the questions I am most regularly requested with the aid of clients is “can you assist me doctorate my mantel?” It appears like it would be so convenient to decorate, however many human beings combat with it due to the fact it is the focal factor of the room and they simply choose to get it right!

So, let’s make adorning a mantel easy! Here are 7 effortless suggestions I use when redecorating a mantel.

1. Decide on a focal factor or anchor piece.

An anchor piece is a massive object such as a giant clock, a mirror, or a wreath that features as the essential factor of visible interest. It’s the first-rate region to begin and units the fashion for the relaxation of the ornamental portions you choose. In our example, the anchor piece is the mirror.

2. Decide if you decide upon symmetry or asymmetry.

Symmetry is when the objects used are the equal on each facets and are balanced. Each side, left and right, is a replicate photograph of the other. Asymmetry is when the gadgets used on every aspect are no longer the same, even though they are nonetheless balanced. Even even though the items used are different, they nonetheless have a comparable visible weight on every side.

3.Vary heights.

Varying peak creates visible hobby and helps go your eye from one floor to every other throughout your mantel. Candlesticks, stacked books, or vases with plant life can be used to create distinct heights in the course of your mantel.

Height Variation, How to Decorate a Mantel

4. Create depth.

Layer all objects to create depth. Starting with your anchor layer in the again transferring closer to the the front part of the mantel, location vases, candlesticks, household pictures, etc. in the front of every different alternatively of in a straight line in opposition to the lower back wall.

5. Use the rule of three or odds.

This rule is the golden rule for decorators and designers. Place your objects in corporations of three on every facet of the anchor piece as we did right here with various heights, developing a triangle effect.

The Rule of Three, How to Decorate a Mantel

6. Add actual or fake greenery

Adding greenery is a wonderful way to put a little existence in your mantel. Be it flowers, greenery, or each I attempt to use the equal form of floral during the mantel but add them to vases of special heights.

7. Keep with the identical color pallet and fashion with the relaxation of the room.

While you may additionally desire the mantel to be the focal factor of the room, you nevertheless prefer it to fit with the entirety else. Take more care to select a constant coloration palette and remain with the identical fashion as the relaxation of the room. Add pops of coloration with seasonal actual or fake floral.

additionally usually like to add a contact of whimsy to the whole lot I decorate. In our examples, we delivered our chubby birds, however use something makes you smile or even snigger a little each and every time you seem at it, even if it may additionally now not go with the different factors of the room.

Following these easy steps will now not solely make adorning your mantel simpler however will additionally assist make finding out what gadgets to use in your adorning convenient as well. Here at Revived, we have hundreds of exciting and fascinating objects to select from, so you can genuinely let your character shine in your home.
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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What is the best way to decorate a mantel?

For an easy fireplace mantel decorating idea, hang a mirror in the middle and a sconce on either side. Anchor the mantel with a larger vase in front of the mirror and fill in with smaller accessories, such as vases, candlesticks, and decorative objects. Pick up on colors and materials found elsewhere in the room.

What makes a good mantel?

Your fireplace mantel should be made of durable and safe materials, be sized proportionally to the room and firebox, and fit the home’s architectural style.

How Big Should picture be over mantle?

Because fireplaces can vary in size, you’ll need to choose an artwork that will be proportionate & look good on the wall. Generally, a picture looks best when it’s approximately 80% the width of the mantel or firebox it’s sitting above.

How big should a picture be on a mantle?

Rule #3 – Artwork Above a Fireplace Should Fall Between the Width of the Fireplace Opening and the Width of the Mantel. Artwork above a fireplace tends to look best when the width of the artwork is larger than the opening of the fireplace, but smaller than the overall width of the mantel.

Should a mantle be eye level?

Eye level is always the best height for viewing comfort, but that goes out the window when hanging a TV over a fireplace. Your best bet is to mount it as low as possible where it is still aesthetically pleasing relative to your firebox and mantle. Third, think about what type of bracket would be best.

How many items should be on a mantel?

To keep the mantel from looking cluttered, it’s best to use large decorative items. You only need a few large items to fill a mantel. Small items lead to a cluttered look. You’ll notice in most of the formulas below there are only 3-5 objects resting directly on the mantel.

How big should a mantle be?

Width: The mantle should be wider than the fireplace — typically 3 to 6 inches wider than the firebox on each side. You can choose to go wider, but it’s best to keep the mantel width proportionate to the room size and the fireplace. Height: The standard mantel height is about 4-1/2 feet above the hearth’s floor.

What is the difference between mantel and mantle?

In modern usage, mantel refers to a shelf above a fireplace and mantle refers to a cloak or covering. “Mantle” is also used metaphorically when describing the transfer of power such as when one “takes on the mantle.” Some still identify these words as spelling variants, but you are better off separating them.

Where should mantle be placed?

As a general rule, the mantel is placed about 12 inches above the fireplace opening. Then adding an inch to the distance for every inch that the mantel protrudes. So a mantel 6 inches deep, would be attached 18 inches above the firebox opening.

How far should mantle stick out on sides?

As a general rule of thumb, the mantel should at least be three inches wider on both sides of the fireplace. The average mantel width in most homes is six to twelve inches. With these dimensions, you can effectively deflect the heat coming from the firebox.

How do you secure a picture on a mantle?

Try setting leaning art and mirrors on tables, bookshelves, mantels, window sills or even on the floor. If you need to keep art from slipping, use sticky tack to stick things together, against a wall or to keep it from moving forward (sticky tack is like a wad of gum made for hanging posters).

How do you balance a mantle?

Less is more when decorating a mantel, so balance your decor with empty, negative space to create a sense of harmony in the design. Use pieces that are of different sizes and shapes. Place taller items in the back and smaller items in the front so the scheme is more visually interesting.

Should a mantel be the same color as the floor?

They do so to ensure that their room looks visually appealing. Matching your mantel with the floor is not absolutely necessary. In fact, sometimes contrasting colour pallets lend an interesting vibe to the room where the mantle has been installed.

How do you style a corner mantel?

To make your fireplace look warm and inviting, consider stringing garland or string lights across the mantel, adding a bevy of candlesticks to each end, or centering the mantel with a mirror perched in the middle. For something more practical, look at mounting a flat panel TV above the fireplace.

How do you style a mantel with garland?

To hang a garland, attach several hooks evenly spaced on top of the mantel. Securely tie floral wire around the garland, making sure it aligns with the hooks on the mantel. Use the other end of the wire to wrap around the hooks, and then adjust the drape as needed.

What is the purpose of a fireplace mantel?

A mantel, also known as a fireplace mantel or mantelpiece, frames the opening of a fireplace and often covers part of the chimney breast. It was originally developed in the medieval period for functional purposes, to serve as a hood that would prevent smoke from entering the room, diverting it back into the chimney.

How long should mantel be?

A safe route is to make it 12” longer than the fireplace box. For instance, if your fireplace box is 42” then you would order a 56” long mantel. The majority of mantels we sell are from 66”-78”, but we make every mantel custom to your unique space.

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