I Want To Join The Army..but I Have Some Questions

Hello guys….so I am currently 20 years of age..I just passed the just concluded jamb and I am wanting to study computer science in either a polytechnic or university then after that, join the military through S.S.C ..I have few questions I would love to ask anyone who has gone through similar experience or knows a thing or two…

Note- please nobody should come here and start telling me to finish one first as I am only trying to plan ahead… thanks..

1) should I go for a university degree ( with strike and possible extra years put into consideration) or a polytechnic for H.N.D?

2) is there a limit to the rank I can achieve for going through S.S.C ( because I’ve heard something like that) and how long would it take to rise to that rank if there’s any?

I really need as much advice as possible,my future is at stake. Please help me..

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