Ilebaye and Venita go head-to-head over wager task on ‘BBNaija All Stars’

There is tension in the house as everyone is trying to win as many games as possible.

Housemates were to prepare for their daily wager and the ladies had formed a group in preparation for Big Brother’s call. But chaos erupted when Venita couldn’t handle the silence from Ilebaye’s end, as she implored her to contribute to the conversation.

However, Ilebaye insisted on finishing her meal first, before making any comment about the task, which didn’t sit well with Venita. She accused Ilebaye of being focused on boys alone and not being committed to the wager task.

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Ilebaye couldn’t handle the altercation even after exchanging insults and proceeded to cry in one of the bedrooms.

Things didn’t end there between them, with Venita making a move she called “payback” by opting to eat first before attending the weekly wager meeting Ilebaye had called for as the Head of House.

Ilebaye voiced out her grievances to Cee-C, describing Venita’s recent actions as the same thing she did to Doyin. According to her, Venita had started dropping some side comments anytime she passed since the altercation between them, claiming that it was the same thing Doyin had complained about the same thing before her eviction.

Ilebaye seemed really frustrated about the situation, especially with the possibility of a final strike which could lead to a disqualification if handled wrongly. Many have also called out Venita’s actions, calling it a desperate act because of her pending eviction nomination.

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