Ilebaye won the ultimate Head of House game on ‘BBNaija All Stars’

This time, the housemates were given a game which tested their endurance abilities to the highest levels today. The nine housemates left were required to balance in one particular position on a very dicey platform for a total of three hours.

Big Brother made it more dicey when he asked the top three in persons of PereAngel and Ilebaye to remove one leg from the platform. And then it came down to Angel and Ilebaye who were asked to remove one hand from the platform.

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Ilebaye won with a record of over two hours standing on the platform as she replaced Cross as Head of House for the ninth week.

For her choice of BFF’s, she picked Angel, MercyCee-C and Venita, even though she still has some unresolved issues with some of them. They have access to the HOH lounge, gym and bedroom for the week also.


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