Mercy friendzones Pere amidst constant teasing on ‘BBNaija All Stars’

The final day of the reality show is just a few days away and these two have spent the finalists’ week getting to know each other better. But in a private conversation in the locker room, Mercy tells Pere that all they have going on is friendship, despite the various controversial moments they have had.

Describing it as the ultimate friendship amidst the several other ones that have occurred on the show, she said, “You see in this house, we are the last-standing friendship. If you lose this opportunity to be my friend, you’re on your own”.

However, Pere assured her that he wasn’t going to waste the opportunity of being friends with her in the house, even though he didn’t agree with the friendzone at first.

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Mercy further threatened Pere, with Whitemoney being able to beat him up if he came too close to her. She joked about the comparisons between their muscles and the possibility of a rivalry between them over wanting her.

She had earlier on in the show, openly kissed both of them on the same day, which raised the suspicion of a love triangle going on between them. And now, with her bringing up Whitemoney again, everyone wonders where her feelings are.

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