Mohbad’s Dad, Calls Out Son’s Mother-In-Law Over Dubious Possession of His Land

Mr Joseph Aloba, Mohbad’s father, accuses his son’s mother-in-law of questionable land ownership.

Mohbad’s father addressed the claims of holding possession of his late son’s landed assets during a live-streamed discussion.

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Mr Joseph Aloba claims that his son told him while he was still alive that he wanted to buy two acres of property and a plot. When questioned about the land documents, Mohbad stated that the purchase and documents were handled by his wife’s mother.

After making numerous attempts to contact Mohbad’s mother-in-law, she finally handed the documentation for a parcel of property. He indicated that the one plot’s location was where Mohbad was buried.

Mohbad’s father concluded that he was painted as the villain by the mother-in-land who claimed he was trying to steal his son’s property.

He said in part;

“Mohbad did not buy a single block before he died; I am into construction. The mother-in-law is the one who knows the location of his two plots of land.

“My son told me that he bought two acres of land and a plot, I was happy that he got it even before he bought a car. I asked him to show me where the land his but he said his mother-in-law helped him to buy it and he does not know the location.

“I called his wife’s mother and called her but she denied at first. I persisted and when she eventually brought the documents of the land, it was a plot and the location was Elepe.”


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