VIDEO: "But you were laughing with Themba Nkosi Euphonik who abused Bonang Matheba" – Mzansi roast Pearl Thusi after she spoke against South African men and rape

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that South African presenter, Pearl Thusi, is currently under fire after she spoke against South African men and constant rape cases going on in South Africa. (Read More Here).

After Amanda Dupont had revealed that Jub Jub raped her for two years, her bestie, Pearl Thusi took to her social media platform to call out South African men, who are finding it difficult to believe Amanda’s story. 

According to Pearl Thusi, she says South African men don’t understand the idea of accountability at all and it’s shocking. 
Pearl Thusi wrote:
“Kuyanyiwa mos today.
South African men don’t understand the idea of accountability at all. It’s shocking.” 

After her statement, she began to trend on Twitter as South Africans rushed to social media to remind her how she sided and “kikied (laughed) with Bonang Matheba’s former boyfriend and abuser, Dj Euphonik – (Themba Nkosi). 

A South African reminded her of her past mockery as she shared a video showing the moment Pearl Thusi asked Euphonik for a t-shirt, which had an inscription of “Nonke Saga,” on it. Also, Pearl Thusi indirectly called Bonang a “Hlanyo – (which means crazy woman).” 

Reactions from South Africans below:

Auntie Albert
Pearl Thusi really made a video with a man showing support to another man(Euphonik) who [allegedly] abused his girlfriend & indirectly called Bonang Hlanyo and told this abusive man how much she loves him? 
Then she asked for the T-Shirt that was made to gaslight Bonang?

Captain Crime
Pearl Thusi who was kiki’ing with Euphonik coz she dislikes Bonang? Lol I see. 

Marcus Jr Lion face
Pearl Thusi is Euphoniks best friend but she is speaking against rape?? Lol. 

MoAfrikaBorwaFlag of South Africa
A Nigerian kidnapped, drugged, raped n prostituted a 12 year old girl.
A Zimbabwean hacked a woman and her kids with an exe.
A Zimbabwean killed 7 woman in Seshego.
A Zimbabwean hit Boity with a bottle.
In all these incidents, the likes of bo Pearl Thusi were silent.

She’ll say people on twitter are just foul and continue being her trash self. Pearl Thusi, that is.

The fact that Pearl Thusi made a whole video mocking Bonang Matheba after she was beaten by Themba 
And now we have to listen to her telling us about GBV & accountability..

Kosie Thembinkosi
But, Mac G should not be dragged into this whole drama of Jub Jub & Amanda du-Pont. 
Ae Amanda naye, could’ve just kept quiet like the rest of the females that were mentioned on #PodcastAndChill … Pearl Thusi & Boity, kept their cool!

After being dragged and reminding for mocking her fellow woman, Pearl Thusi took to her social media platform to defend herself. 

She wrote:
“No matter how many times you fall- rise like a phoenix my dear- until they cannot throw their stones high enough to harm you… soar… and those rocks have to drop straight back into their faces.
That is where I am.

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“I died on a mountain for my truth- no matter how misguided my responses were bcz of my inexperience & confusion at why ppl can smile when you’re there & steal food from your plate once you turn.
I stayed true to myself & continued to do so to this day. It has served me well.

“Black Twitter is like game of thrones. The crowd will change their mind every week. Wait the storm out.

“Atleast now they only throw words- not actually undress, chain and throw trash at you in public.
This is also the same human race that crucified Jesus. So I offer so much love and support to young women/ new comers in this industry because I’ve realized that so many “came up”under attack in the shadows because of people who felt threatened. I don’t want anyone to ever go through that if I can stop it.

“If one day Some of us decided to tell you about people in this Industry who wear sheep skin. Who repeatedly lie and create illusion in this industry… it’s been fun letting go of disappointment & anger and watching the truth unfold.”

Video below:

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Source: New feed

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