VIDEO: Mwingi Bus Tragedy: Moment Catholic Christian Faithful & Choir members from St Cecilia were dancing at wedding ceremony before their bus fell into Enziu River, Kitui County RESURFACE

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that the last moment before the Catholic Christian Faithful and Choir members from St Cecilia Mwingi Kitui Diocese, fell into the Enziu River, has resurfaced on the Internet. (Read More Here).

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In the trending video, the Saint Joseph Catholic Church bus, is seen as it tried to drive through the river. The bus got towards the end of river (leading to another road) when it lost its balance and fell into the water. 

The residents immediately rushed to the river to rescue the passengers on the bus. 

In the new trending video, Catholic Christian Faithful and Choir members from St Cecilia, were seen going round a circle while singing and dancing. It was their moment at a wedding before the Mwingi bus tragedy. 

Mike Sonko wrote:

“Kweli siku ya kufa ikifika imefika. Mwingi Catholic choir members had even started celebrating the wedding of their choir member shortly before the tragic incident.”

Video below:

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Source: New feed

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