VIDEO: Mzansi begin donations for Monyela Sylvia who appeared on "Mamazala Moja Love" to reveal her husband, Lucas Phasha, killed her four children and got maltreated by his family

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that South Africans have begun the donations for Miss Monyela Sylvia, whose partner, Lucas Phasha, killed all four of his children. (Read More Here).

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Yesterday’s episode on Mamazala “Moja Love”, Sylvia revealed the ill-treatment she has been receiving from her partner’s family. She also confirmed that Lucas’ family seized all her belongings after he (Lucas) got arrested and charged for filicide. 

Sylvia says she was watching the television at 10, when she saw the announcement that Lucas had been arrested. Before Lucas killed their four children, Sylvia had reported his violent character to the police, but was ignored, until he succeeded in the killing of his children. 

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Sylvia said she was pregnant for her fifth child when Lucas killed all four of her kids. Her story has made South Africans say that she needs “therapy” or “counselling.” 

While filming for the episode, Lucas’ brother by name, Tony attacked Sylvia and Mamazala crew with a spade, but it was unsuccessful. People who were present in the area said that Tony and his family destroyed the car belonging to Mamazala crew. 

Sylvia thanked “Baroka/Boroka funerals” for its donations. Before appearing on Mamazala, Sylvia had reportedly appeared on Ufelani. 

After her touching story, Mzansi, got emotional as they began to make plans to donate for her. A popular man with verified Twitter account, Tumi, got her account details and shared it on his platform. Sylvia uses Capitec bank. 

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From the donations we have seen so far, Mzansi have donated over R500 since 10 hours ago her account details got shared on social media. 

Tweets from those who have donated for Sylvia:

Portia Sithole
Replying to 
May this episode airing be the beginning of a better life for Sylvia. 

Majunju Wa Mopedi
#Mamazala I knw its not much, but I pledge to do this for the next 12months…this woman has been through a lot. 

Neo Monini (@MoniniNeo): I have done my bit….. I am still heartbroken. 

Message from Tumi Sole:

Tumi Sole
For those who watched #mamazala earlier on 
 and have been asking about account details tsa Mme Sylvia’s details, please see belowWhat a heartbreaking episode! 
Let’s do our part. 
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Evidence of donations below:

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Video below:

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After Sylvia’s husband murdered their 4 children, her in-laws fought with her for testifying against him. They have also…

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