VIDEO: Podcast and Chill With MacG loses sponsorship deal with Amstel over transphobic comment

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Podcast and Chill With MacG production has lost another sponsorship deal, and this time, it’s with Amstel SA. (Read More Here).
According to an official statement released to a popular South African tabloid, stated that Amstel has pulled its sponsorship contract with MacGyver “Mac G” Mukwevho and Sol Phenduka, over their transphobic comment on their show. 

The statement reads:

“The Amstel brand, locally and globally, is centred around friendship and inclusion of all people, regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation without discrimination, and we distance ourselves from any transphobic and homophobic views.

“We have officially parted ways with Podcast and Chill with MacG and will no longer be a partner as of December 1 2021.”

Recall that a few days ago, MacGyver “Mac G” Mukwevho and Sol Phenduka, cracked a joke (according to them) about a trans woman who drives a transit. 

The transphobic statement sparked controversies in South Africa as LGBTQI community began to drag Mac G and Sol Phenduka and also Amstel for sponsoring such show. 
The pair have previously lost sponsorship deals from Old Mutual and Studio 88 for a transphobic joke made on the show.
Video below:

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