VIDEO: Reno Omokri outraged after escaping a shark attack inside the Bermuda Triangle

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Nigerian author, Reno Omokri, has fueled after a shark almost attacked him while swimming in an ocean in Bermuda Triangle. (Read More Here).

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Taking to his Instagram page, Reno Omokri, shared a video showing the moment he rushed up the yacht after a shark was about to attack. 

In the trending video, Reno Omokri, is seen talking and yelling at the sailor, who was begging him not to the video go viral. A shark trying to attack Reno Omokri was real. 
He wrote:

“Live as if it is your duty to achieve great things that your enemies can criticise. Any sugar that does not attract ants is suspect. And any success that does not attract haters is suspicious. Be happy. Don’t wait for a reason. Let the reason be that you are alive 

“Enjoy this your one life and don’t just endure it. Escape the pressures of everyday life by creating the pleasures of a life you don’t need to escape from. Be your own boss, even if you have to temporarily take a loss. Live life by choice, not by chance!

“By now, the media would have been awash with headline reading ‘Former Presidential Spokesman Eaten By Shark, President Buhari Orders National Celebration’! 
And the man is telling me not to tell the minister? 
#RenosNuggets #RenoAroundTheWorld.”
Video below:

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Source: New feed

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