To study the permeability of the soil/soil texture

(i) Sandy
(ii) Clayed
(iii) Loamy

Collect the soil sample and measured and put into a measuring cylinder. Add sufficient water. Add small quantity of hydrogen peroxide or sodium bicarbonate. Stirred the container and shaken vigorously. Add the solution is allowed to settle for at least 5hours


Disc ridger

(i) Attachment to tractor
(ii) Beam
(iii) Disc

(i) To attach the implement to the tractor
(ii) It hold the disc and add weight
(iii) It cut the soil to make the ridge

(i) Keep the implement clean
(ii) Replace worn out part
(iii) Ensure nuts, caps, screw are tight
(iv) Keep implement in dry and cool place
(v) Adhere to manufacturer’s instructions.

(i) It makes work easier
(ii) It makes work faster
(iii) It collects the rich soil together to increase the fertility of the soil


(i) Ageratum co
(ii) Imperata cylindrica

(i) Wind
(ii) Man

(i) Possession of underground stem
(ii) Possession of rhisomes
(iii) It can withstand tramping

(i)It can be used to prepare compost manure
(ii) It can be used as mulching material
(iii) It acts as cover crop
(iv) It is use as medicinal
(v) It can be use to control erosion

(i) Hand removal
(ii) Use a cutlass
(iii) Use of weeder(mechanical)

(i) It leads to shelles egg
(ii) It leads to breaking of eggs

(i) They are not layers
(ii) They don need

(i) Chicks needs diet for growth
(ii) Chicks needs protein(Fish meal) for development
(iii) It repairs worn out tissues

(i) It is a source of energy (Carbohydrates) to chicks

1000gm = 1kg
One layer consume 0.012kg
400 layer will consume 0.012kg × 40
= 4.8kg


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