Watch video:How I Fell In Love And Ended Up Dating My Teenage Son’s Friend- Lady revealed

People do say a lot about true love, some do say that it has no terms and conditions, while others say that love is blind. The love story of Tanya, a 40 years old single mum from Ohio, and her 22 years old lover, Josue is indeed one a kind. Tanya and Josue were featured on Truly’s “Love don’t judge” where she revealed how they met, the controversies that followed their relationship, and their plans for the future.

(Tanya and Josue)

According to Tanya, she met Josue back in 2018 through her eighteen years old son, Ceydon who happens to be Josue’s friend. She went to drop Ceydon at Josue’s house when she saw him for the first time. The two later became good friends and their friendship grew into a relationship after they fell in love with each other.

The couple went viral on TikTok when they started posting and making videos about their relationship. According to Tanya, people mistook Josue for her son, some called her his sugar mama, their ‘unusual’ videos earned them fame and millions of TikTok views. She said that they’ve been together for almost two years since they started dating in 2020 and they’ve seen several negative comments about their relationship but they’ve only grown stronger.

Josue said that at first it wasn’t easy hanging out with her kids as their stepdad but now she doesn’t have a hard time flowing with them. While some may deem it weird having their friend as their stepdad, Tanya’s older sons are in support of their relationship.

Josue also proposed to Tanya which she accepted and they’re currently looking forward to raising their family together. However, she said that she doesn’t necessarily recommend age relationships for other people except it’s meant to be.

Our soul mate can come at any time, anywhere and through any means, in the case of Tanya, her soul mate came through her son. Indeed we should never underestimate the capability of true love.


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Originally posted 2022-01-16 23:23:55.