Mzansi disagree with MTV Base's 2021 Top 10 Hottest MCs list

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Mzansi have disagreed with MTV Base’s 2021 South African Hottest MCs list. (Read More Here).

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In the afternoon today, MTV Base released its most anticipated Hottest MCs list. Surprisingly, South Africans became angry at the fact that Big Zulu got ranked over A-Reece. 

Another set of South Africans said Riky Rick & K.O shouldn’t have been on the list at all, because they didn’t really have an incredible year by releasing hit songs. 

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In the list of Hottest MCs of 2021, Blxckie topped the category, while Big Zulu came in second and Nasty C came in third position. 

MTV Base’s 2021 Hottest MCs list:
1. Blxckie
2. Big Zulu 
3. Nasty C
4. A-Reece
5. 25K
6. Riky Rick & K.O
7. Costa Titch
8. Lucas Raps
9. Priddy Ugly 
10. Dee Koala. 

Reactions from South Africans below:

A-Reece fans shitting on Big Zulu is pure comedy, how you shitting on an Artist for having a huge cult/wave when that’s basically A-Reeces Brand?Loudly crying faceLoudly crying face #BaseHottestMCs. 

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#BaseHottestMCs ranked Big Zulu above Areece just because of a soccer match he did Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy…they should have just removed Areece on that list because it’s a joke.

Blxckie and Big Zulu should be fighting for number 1
A-Reece should be #3 he ticks most of criteria,it’s just the lack of visuals which might give people who depend on TRACE for Music a different picture of how A-reece year was,but streams,buzz,gigs,charts,etc. 

Just for flying to Atlanta he deserves higher that 25K and A-Reece? Big Zulu too? Nah!

This NIGGAS ARE CLOWNSClown faceClown face 
Nasty C only realeaed 2 Songs (Best I ever had and Jack) yes he had the coming to africa and Cocacola theme songs but HIP HOP AND NUSIC WISE…BIG ZULU AND A-REECE HAD BIGGER IMPACT WITH THEIR PROJECTS 

#BaseHottestMCs ZanD is the only one with more Hip Hop knowledge in the panel if it wasn’t for him most artists like Big Zulu would be down the list because of being vanac and originally South Ahaa.

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