Nigerian Navy releases comedian Cute Abiola from detention to properly serve his punishment

The Nigerian Navy has released one of its officers, comedian Cute Abiola, who was arrested in November 2021 over alleged misconduct. (Read More Here).

Recall that on November 17, the Nigerian Navy in a press statement, dismissed report that the comedian was missing, after his wife and associates claimed they hadn’t seen him in two days. 
They noted that the skit maker was under investigation for breaching the Armed Forces social media rule policy in the use of social media platforms.

Giving an update on Friday, December 3, the naval spokesman, Suleman Dahun, said Cute Abiola knowingly violated the armed forces’ social media policy but was given a light punishment of a “one-month extra duty” when he was tried for misconduct and indiscipline.

He added that Cute Abiola had been released from naval detention to serve his punishment.

Source: New feed

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