is home and garden party still in business ?

is home and garden party still in business ?

Home and garden party is still in business in 2023

It’s the “best of the best.”

Home & Garden Party in 2023

Home & Garden Party was been founded in the year 1996 by Penny and Steve Carlile, whose agenda was to create a business where women could obtain the “American Dream” by bringing families and friends together through their entertaining and decorating accessories. Headquartered in Marshall, Texas, Home & Garden Party has enabled thousands of women across the United States to earn extra income, have fun and make friends while working from home as Home & Garden Party Designers.


Home Interiors & Gifts

Mary Crowley founded Home Interiors & Gifts in 1957 in Dallas, Texas. Her dream was to provide a career opportunity for women that would enhance their lives through decorating the homes and lives of others. She made her dream come true by building a small hostess-plan home accessory line into the largest direct seller of home decorative accessories in the United States, with over 100,000 Decorating Consultants in America.


Celebrating Your Home In 2023

In 2008, Penny and Steve Carlile acquired Home Interiors & Gifts. They established Celebrating Home in early 2009 – blending “the best of the best” to create the strongest and single most supportive and empowering career opportunity for women today. Along with an unsurpassed business opportunity, Celebrating Home offers a unique combination of the very best entertaining and decorating products, training, compensation and marketing support in the direct selling industry.

Celebrating Home offers all this and more as we hold true to our roots – our foundation is based on dignity, integrity, loyalty and truth; Christian principles true today in an ever-changing marketplace – while evolving to help you grow your business. Celebrating Home is located in Marshall, Texas.



MARSHALL, Texas – Penny and Steve Carlile have been a team almost their whole lives,
first as high school and college sweethearts, then returning to their hometown of Marshall,
Texas, to raise their two sons. Steve became a partner in his family’s oil and gas business.
After the business was sold, Penny and Steve both believed that along with financial
blessings comes the obligation to share by helping others.
They decided to create a business that would employ people in Marshall and
provide an outlet for their creativity and business savvy. First, they bought a pottery
company, since local artisans already had a reputation for quality craftsmanship that drew
customers to East Texas. Next, they developed retail stores that sold pottery and home
decorations. Soon, they wondered how they could share their dream with more people in
more places.
Steve found the answer in a Wall Street Journal article about a family-owned direct
sales business based in a small Midwest town. “We already had a successful product line.
I could see that selling in homes instead of in retail stores would allow people to set their
own hours, without the overhead costs of retail space, inventory and employees. That
would mean more flexibility and more income potential – a perfect solution to help
families everywhere.”
Steve’s wife, Penny, chimes in. “We saw this concept could expand our business in
the very best way, by providing an opportunity to others who in turn could become
successful from their own home base.” Together, Steve and Penny talked to people who
had sold for direct sales companies, asking what worked and what should change. They
began to create a model for a people-oriented business that would provide individuals with
the best possible products, tools and training along with a generous commission structure
that would rival any other.
They chose the name Celebrating Home to bring a picture to mind – an
informal gathering in a home or garden with wonderful decorations, artwork and greenery.
And since the very first party in May, 1996, that’s just what guests see when a hostess
opens her home to friends to learn about the company, purchase products, and plan future
parties. Independent Designers create attractive displays, share ideas to add warmth and
interest to any home, and they get paid to party! No lecture, no flip chart. Just a chance to
learn, laugh, and enjoy shopping from the items displayed or hundreds more featured in the
Celebrating Home offers high-quality products to enliven any home, including
stoneware pottery, candles and fragrance warmers, framed art, florals, bakeware and
accessories for both home and garden. Because of their retail experience, Steve and Penny
have an eye for what consumers will buy, and they know how important it is to maintain
high quality standards with reasonable prices.
When visitors arrive at company headquarters in East Texas, they can’t help but
notice a large warehouse that dominates the property. Inside, an automated order picking
system and almost 300 employees fill more than 7,000 orders every day. Home & Garden
Party made a substantial investment in the system after a best-selling holiday season in
1998 resulted in backorders, unshipped products, and substantial losses. “We certainly did
not intend to create the situation, which really resulted from too much growth, too fast,”
Penny admits. “But we vowed that it would never happen again!” Providing the best
possible customer service along with value and convenience is front and center among the
company’s goals. Steve adds, “We see no reason why we can’t provide the best in
everything. The best people, the best products, and the best pay for our independent
The company has recruited a number of top-level executives to enjoy the small town
atmosphere of Marshall while building a powerhouse business. Penny and Steve are
particularly grateful that both of their sons have chosen to move back to Marshall with their
families to work at Celebrating Home. Steve says, “We started this business to help
families, and we feel so blessed that our own family has found a reason to live and work
together in Marshall.”
Together, these lifetime partners want to give the same sense of shared
independence to others. According to Penny, “We consider it an honor and privilege to
serve our Designers, and we want to see their personal and professional dreams become a
reality just as ours have.”
Celebrating Home offers a unique combination of decorating products, training,
compensation and marketing support to thousands of independent Designers across the
United States. Celebrating Home is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association,
upholding the highest standards for the industry with a culture of integrity, caring and
superior service.

Does home and garden party still exis ?

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